New Otomi Tablecloth/Bedspread Embroidered Textiles

Otomi Fabric

New pieces that I just brought back from Mexico! Click on the photo to take you to the online shop. Or contact us here with questions…


Using Vintage Peruvian Textiles for Jewelry

I’ve just received some lovely bracelets, handmade in Peru, and they are made from old, faded textiles. They really provide a little spring lift to the winter that will never end–it literally is snowing right now, as I look out my Minneapolis window. Yes, it’s April 12 and there is a home Twins baseball game tonight–expected temp is 34 degrees.

I wouldn’t really call these bracelets folk art, but they are handmade, they do use local materials and they are based on a weaving skill that was handed down from generation to generation. I hope you enjoy them too! Definitely a little color on another snowy day.

Click on the photo or right here to purchase!

Handmade Peruvian Bracelets

Brown Mexican Textiles

Winston Churchill said many things well. And he commented on many things.  But who knew he had an opinion about color? The esteemed Mr. Churchill said, “I cannot pretend to feel impartial about colors. I rejoice with the brilliant ones and am genuinely sorry for the poor browns.”

This post is in honor of the poor browns. They tend to take a back seat to their fellow colors, especially in Mexico. These textiles were discovered at the bottom of the pile, underneath the pinks, roses, reds, yellows, bright oranges and greens. They are a quieter bunch. I do think they have a certain beauty. But they don’t always stand out. They are good listeners. They don’t talk unless they have something to say. They shine when they are on their own. They never compete for attention.

Many of these camino de mesas (table runners) or placemats are woven of a natural brown cotton called “coyuche,” a word that comes from the Nahuatl word for coyote. On the other hand, it is possible that it is white thread dyed to look like coyuche, according to research done by an amazing textile archivist by the name of Karen Elwell. Her many photos of Mexican textiles and clothing are always instructional. Her Flickr photostream is right here.

The  photos below are the textiles I currently have in the shop. CLICK on the photograph to take you to the shop. Some are in the online store, but if not, just send me an email on the form at the bottom and I’ll let you know if it’s available!

Handmade Mexican Textiles

Mexican Textile from Teotitlan de Valle, Oaxaca

Mexican Textile, Table Runner from Chiapas

Handmade Mexican Textiles, Teotitlan

Handmade Mexican Textiles

Handmade Mexican Textiles

Handmade Mexican Textiles, Otomi Textiles

Handmade Mexican Textiles, Guatemalan Textiles

I couldn’t resist with the last photo. Brilliant color with the poor brown.

Zinnia Mexican Folk Arts Shop

I thought you might be interested in the most recent look at  how we like to display Mexican folk art at Zinnia Folk Arts shop! We wanted to move the holiday decorations out so I decided to put the vintage (1960’s White Period) Heron Martinez tree of life in the front window and build a colorful support cast of a variety of Mexican crafts. The color is so welcome during these grey days in Minnesota…it’s actually raining today. Enjoy the photos and of course, if you’re in Minneapolis, stop in. We’ll be waiting for you. Saludos!

Zinnia Folk Arts Shop, Minneapolis MN

Zinnia Mexican Folk Arts, Minneapolis MN

Zinnia Folk Arts, Minneapolis, MN

Zinnia Folk Arts Shop, Minneapolis MN

Zinnia Mexican Folk Arts Shop, Minneapolis MN

Holiday Textiles from Mexico

We are starting to unpack the textiles that would look fantastic for the holidays…on a table, on a wall or even used as fabric to cover a lampshade, make an iPad case or upholster an ottoman. Most of these beautiful hand woven pieces hail from Chiapas, Mexico.

Christmas Textiles from Mexico, Chiapas textiles

Red textiles from Mexico

Red Holiday Textiles from Mexico

White with Red Tablecloth for the Holidays, Textiles from Mexico

Mexican textiles from Chiapas

Any of the above would be amazing for making an iPad case…I haven’t done it yet but I think it’s a great idea!

Mexican Embroidered Blouse

This beautiful blouse is red and white. It’s not on the website but is a Small/Medium Size and is $88. Hand made in Mexico, of course!

Any other questions, send me an email or if you click on the photo it will take you to the web page where you can purchase…

Colorful Cotton Tablecloths & Napkins from Patzcuaro

Woven cotton tablecloth from Michoacan

Michoacan cotton textiles

Patzcuaro Mexico Tablecloth

Several people have asked me about the cotton textiles from Michoacan that last and last. Here they are! I found these colorful, cotton, handwoven tablecloths and napkins on my last trip to Patzcuaro. I dare you to not think “fiesta”when you see these! They are beautifully finished and the colors are vivid and joyful. The napkins come in several different colors or we have a few of the plaid ones left too…it’s cotton so it should be washed in cold water. They get softer with washing but the color stays true (if you follow directions and use cold water). Interested? Here they are right here...

Red, White & Blue Handmade Mexican Ceramics

Ceramic dishes from Mexico

We’re getting ready for a big corner-celebrating event this weekend AND I wanted to give you all an idea of what you can do with Mexican dishes to celebrate Independence Day. Everything on the table is handmade in the great country of Mexico!

The beautiful red runner is from Chiapas, the glassware from Jalisco, the candlesticks from Puebla and the ceramics from Guanajuato…

Handmade Mexican plates

Mexican ceramics for the Holiday

Enjoy mis amigos!

And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask…Zinnia