Colorful Cotton Tablecloths & Napkins from Patzcuaro

Woven cotton tablecloth from Michoacan

Michoacan cotton textiles

Patzcuaro Mexico Tablecloth

Several people have asked me about the cotton textiles from Michoacan that last and last. Here they are! I found these colorful, cotton, handwoven tablecloths and napkins on my last trip to Patzcuaro. I dare you to not think “fiesta”when you see these! They are beautifully finished and the colors are vivid and joyful. The napkins come in several different colors or we have a few of the plaid ones left too…it’s cotton so it should be washed in cold water. They get softer with washing but the color stays true (if you follow directions and use cold water). Interested? Here they are right here...