New Otomi Tablecloth/Bedspread Embroidered Textiles

Otomi Fabric

New pieces that I just brought back from Mexico! Click on the photo to take you to the online shop. Or contact us here with questions…


Otomi Embroidered Textiles, Handmade in Mexico

Otomi Embroidered Textiles, Handmade in Mexico

This is a beautiful placemat sized Otomi embroidery that I found in Oaxaca. The Otomi Indians live in various places–Hidalgo, Puebla, Oaxaca–and their textiles can be found throughout the country. Just be careful about the quality, they can vary widely depending on the skill of the artisan. Usually Otomi embroideries (which come in several different sizes) are done on an off-white muslin background. These 5 pieces are on a very nice black cotton. Can you imagine it framed or made into a pillow? The colors are as they appear in this photo–vivid!

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Colorful Spring Textiles

Embroidered Mexican Textiles, Otomi

A few blogs ago I wrote about using one’s creativity with Otomi textiles. In this photo are the edges of some colorful Otomi embroidered textiles that I made into pillows and table runners. I am in the process of making a large one into a headboard.  And  will also cover a small ottoman with a multicolored one.  Both will be in the shop when we open in the spring…

There is something so joyful about these embroidered pieces–the color, the whimsical animals combined with flowers and plants against the hardworking muslin and the exuberance expressed in every piece.

Otomi fabric+Your Creativity=Uniqueness

Mexican Embroidered Otomi textile

Embroidered Mexican textiles

The Otomi Indians are experts at embroidering! Here are a few examples of the colorful and skillful needlework done by this group who come from the region surrounding Puebla. One finds their textiles in many places in Mexico–some is quality work and some is not–be sure to check the tightness and closeness of the threads. We usually have a supply of colorful work, both single color and multi-color.  I had the lampshade covered after I got back to the States…I’ve seen pillows, headboards, ottomans, duvet covers, chair upholstery…use your imagination!