SUMMER SALE at Zinnia Mexican Folk Arts!

It’s Summer and time for a sale! These pieces can all be found in the online shop, right here, and everything in these photos and a few other things are  25% OFF! Just enter the code, “Summer25” at the checkout…Check in the Jewelry, Textile, Religious, Mask and Whimsical Sections. If the item is there, it’s still available.

Summer Sale Jewelry

Summer Sale Religious

Summer Sale Textiles


Using Vintage Peruvian Textiles for Jewelry

I’ve just received some lovely bracelets, handmade in Peru, and they are made from old, faded textiles. They really provide a little spring lift to the winter that will never end–it literally is snowing right now, as I look out my Minneapolis window. Yes, it’s April 12 and there is a home Twins baseball game tonight–expected temp is 34 degrees.

I wouldn’t really call these bracelets folk art, but they are handmade, they do use local materials and they are based on a weaving skill that was handed down from generation to generation. I hope you enjoy them too! Definitely a little color on another snowy day.

Click on the photo or right here to purchase!

Handmade Peruvian Bracelets