Frida Kahlo Painting, “The Two Fridas”

This is a unique piece of Frida Kahlo and Day of the Dead inspired Mexico folk art! It is made of paper mache, fabric, wood and colored pencil. One of the pieces is, “The Two Fridas” and the other is, “Frida With Monkeys.” The colored pencil drawings are as amazing as the papel mache Fridas…Click on the photo to take you to the Online Shop. Enjoy!


Frida Kahlo Christmas Ornament

This is a beautiful glass ornament depicting Mexico’s most famous artist, Frida Kahlo. Yes, she has likely exceeded the popularity of Diego Rivera, Siquieros and many other men of her time. The ornament was hand-blown and hand-painted in Krakow, Poland. It measures about 9″ tall and adds a little vida to any Christmas tree.  Click on the photo or available here.

Frida Kahlo Christmas Ornament

What is the Significance of Hands in Mexican Folk Art?

One of the most frequent questions I’m asked in the shop is, “What is the significance of the hand in Mexico?”

Hand motifs do appear in many pieces of jewelry and religious iconography from Mexico and though there is no absolute answer to the question,  here are a few ideas.

One of the most obvious answers is that the hand is so important to all of us in terms of making things (hand-made), performing, communicating, praying (especially when 90% of the country is Catholic) and in making us human. This is just as true in Mexico as it is in other places.  The heart in the hand (another common image in Mexico) is a traditional folk art motif, associated with the Shakers, the Amish, and the Pennsylvania Dutch.  It is widely considered to symbolize charity, or to mean something is “from the heart”. Others consider it to represent friendship, love and truth.

The hand motif in Mexican jewelry probably increased after Pablo Picasso’s gift of the silver hand-shaped earrings to Frida Kahlo in the 1930’s or 40’s. She painted herself in them and many nicho boxes and retablos created around Frida’s image contain those famous paintings. Some Mexican artisans make beautiful hand-shaped earrings.

Here are a few pieces we currently have in the shop that can give you an idea…

Nickel Silver Frida Kahlo Necklace & Earrings, Zinnia Folk Arts


Contact us for this lovely wooden hand covered on one side with milagros. It is $58 and measures 7″ by 4.35″ wide.

Guadalupe EArrings, Zinnia Folk Arts


This beautiful and amazing carved hand is covered on both sides with milagros. It costs $166 and measures 10.5″ tall by 4.5″ wide.

Nickel Silver Frida Kahlo Necklace & Earrings, Zinnia Folk Arts

Frida Kahlo Folk Art

Probably the three most recognizable icons of Mexico are the Virgin of Guadalupe, the skeletons of Day of the Dead and the images of the surrealist painter, Frida Kahlo. In every folk art making community in Mexico and created from every type of media, there are pieces of folk art which spring from the omnipresent importance of these ideas.

Frida Kahlo is immediately associated with Mexico and being Mexican and her images, most of them painted by herself, appear in jewelry, nicho boxes, key chains and lots of other objects that attract tourists and native Mexicans alike. She was a beautiful woman! And she has a fascinating story. Those pictures with her monkeys or her parrots make her seem even more exotic. The unibrow defies prescribed beauty notions of the time. The wearing of huipiles from her mother’s Tehuana home in the isthmus south of Oaxaca and the braiding of flowers in her hair were fashion only worn by the indigenous women of Mexico, not those of Frida’s wealth and status. She was unconventional and that’s part of the reason we find her so fascinating. She really did follow her own drummer. A hard thing to do and even harder at a time when women were sidekicks to men…

We have some folk art in the shop right now that focuses on Frida Kahlo…I’ve linked the photos to the online store (click on the photo if you’re interested)  and if it’s not linked, you can still purchase it by contacting us through the form at the bottom of the page.  Viva la vida!


Nickel Silver Frida Kahlo Necklace & Earrings, Zinnia Folk Arts

Tin Cross with Frida Kahlo

Reverse Glass Paintiing of Frida Kahlo and her sister

Paper Mache Frida Kahlo Craneo

Key chains with Frida Kahlo Images

Frida Kahlo Candleholder

Frida Kahlo Tin Nicho Box

Frida Kahlo Wooden Retablo Box

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Mexican Silver Jewelry On It’s Way to the New Folk Art Shop

.925 Silver Earrings from Mexico.925 Mexican Silver Earrings.925 Mexican Silver earrings

Here’s another sneak peek of some of the lovely .925 silver earrings we’ll have in the shop when we open…the prices range from $140-$200 for beautiful, handmade silver earrings. Enjoy!

The earrings are available right here...

Frida Kahlo Inspiration

Handmade Retablo Frida Box

Frida Kahlo Paper Cutout

Jewelry with Frida Image

Small Nicho with Frida Kahlo

The face, and life story, that continues to inspire! Click on the photo for more information about each piece…