Day of the Dead Calaca Serving Pan Dulce

Day of the Dead Calaca Serving Pan Dulce

This charming paper mache Day of the Dead folk art figure was made by the Bobadilla brothers of Mexico City. I’ve talked about these brothers before because they are so good at capturing the joy the deceased spirits feel when they return for their annual visit during Dia de los Muertos…always smiling and participating in the activities of life that they enjoyed when they were alive! This skeleton fellow loves pan dulce–don’t we all?

I am not the only one recognizing their talent. Their recognizable style and quality pieces are found in several museums throughout Mexico.


Eloy Santiago Wood Carving, Oaxaca, Mexico

Eloy Santiago Wood Carving, Oaxaca, Mexico

Another exquisite Mexican wood carving from Eloy Santiago of La Union, Oaxaca. This one-of-a-kind piece is a father and son on their way to market with a load of chickens on one side and piglets on the other. Eloy always captures the whimsy of Mexico’s rural life with his wonderful carving and vibrant painting.

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Frida Kahlo Painting, “The Two Fridas”

This is a unique piece of Frida Kahlo and Day of the Dead inspired Mexico folk art! It is made of paper mache, fabric, wood and colored pencil. One of the pieces is, “The Two Fridas” and the other is, “Frida With Monkeys.” The colored pencil drawings are as amazing as the papel mache Fridas…Click on the photo to take you to the Online Shop. Enjoy!