Handwoven Bird Masks

These amazing bird masks were purchased at an art fair in Chiapas. But, you’re thinking, these don’t look like Mexican masks. They look more Central American. And, guess what? You’re right. There is a mask maker from Costa Rica living in Chiapas making these incredible, one-of-a-kind pieces. They use a weaving technique more commonly seen in baskets. The color combinations, the design of the heads, those incredible beaks…all created by an artisan with a beautiful vision. These are unusual and would make a fantastic collection.  They are available in the Zinnia Folk Arts online shop or click on the photo to take you there.

Woven Bird Mask, Mexico


Woven bird mask, Mexico

Woven bird mask, Mexico

Woven bird mask, Mexico

Woven bird mask, folk art

Woven bird mask, Mexico

Woven bird mask, folk art, Mexico


Gorgeous Vintage Guatemalan & Mexican Huipiles

Guatamalan Woven Blouses

Hello New Shop! We just received these, and many more, vintage Guatemalan and Mexican huipiles, dresses and blouses. The colors are stunning and they can be worn or hung on a wall. Either way you will love the color and the amazing handwork.

Look for them when we reopen in our new location, 826 West 50th in Minneapolis, in late April or early May!

Or you are welcome to inquire before then through this form…

Viva Mexico! Which video of Mexico do you like better?

Let’s kick off the new year with some awesome videos of the great country of Mexico…

Here’s a lovely video about Mexico with lots of images and a feeling of great pride in a tremendously diverse but unified country. And there are some great shots of artisans at work.

But I prefer this one with a more modern soundtrack and a snappy, upbeat selection of glimpses of a truly great city.

Which do you prefer and why?

Global Table, Mexican Style

A couple weeks ago at GUILD, we had a Global Bazaar and we decorated a long table with a variety of things that were mostly Mexican with a few pieces of American, Chinese, French, Peace Pavilion, vintage and lots of other styles thrown in. But then, last week the table sold, so we had to take it all apart…and it’s now living in the photograph only. The mixing of colors and style turned out beautifully, don’t you think?

The whole idea was inspired by a photo I saw on Style Me Pretty, a wedding design blog. The original table was created by Celebrations of Joy in La Quinta, California and photographed by Isabelle Lawrence Photography.

We adding lots more stuff and I especially wanted to Mexican it up so this is the result! Enjoy, but if you use the photo remember to credit the sources!

Most of the merchandise used in this table setting is located at GUILD. If there’s something in particular you are interested in, please contact Anne at info@zinniafolkarts.com.