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Thank you so much for following the Zinnia Folk Arts blog on WordPress. We are improving our website and the Zinnia Folk Arts Blog will now be located at the top of our website, Please sign up to follow there! This site will no longer be active.

The new site will go live in the next few days, so if you are taken to the old website and you don’t see anything that says “Blog”, don’t despair. It will be there soon.

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New Otomi Tablecloth/Bedspread Embroidered Textiles

Otomi Fabric

New pieces that I just brought back from Mexico! Click on the photo to take you to the online shop. Or contact us here with questions…


The Mex Files

Happy feet and sad songs:

(Sombrero tip to Laura Carlsen)

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Happy Valentine’s Day, Mexico Style!


Paper Mache Heart, Mexico

Capelo Mexican Handmade Ceramics

If you like Mexican ceramics, you may be familiar with the majolica of  “Capelo” from Guanajuato, Mexico. The pieces are made in the traditional way, on a wheel, fired several times at a very high temperature and in Capelo’s case, glazed with the most beautiful, subtle colors. We currently have  a number of Capelo vases in the shop. Here are a few shots…

Capelo Mexican Ceramics

Capelo Mexican Vase


Mexican Ceramics, Capelo

Mexican Ceramics, Capelo

If you’re interested in any of these or would like to see more photos and get prices, contact us via the form below! Gracias…

Mexican Table Runners

Mexican Table Runners

Almost every region has a style of textile for which it is known. And almost every region has artisans who weave handmade table runners. This lovely blue and red woven table runner comes from the state of Chiapas, specifically, San Andres de Larrainzar. This, and many others, are woven on a backstrap loom. Super amazing and a lot of work. These women are SO talented.

I like to purchase table runners wherever I go in Mexico because they can be used on the table or for other things (like pillows) or even used to cover lampshades. We have a number of table runners at the moment in the online shop. Click on the photo for the blue and red one, but take a look around for other table runners from Chiapas and other states in Mexico.

Making Natural Dyes in Teotitlan de Valle, Oaxaca

These are beautiful photos of the process of naturally dyeing and weaving textiles in Teotitlan de Valle, Oaxaca. A mí, me encantan.