Beaded Huichol Easter Eggs And Bracelets

Beaded Huichol Mexican Folk Art Egg

The Huichol Indians of Nayarit, Mexico are amazingly skilled at beading. Here’s a shot of a few eggs that I have in the shop at the moment. The eggs are carved out of wood, then covered in a thin coat of  beeswax, then decorated bead-by-bead. Truly lovely.  Not available in the online shop because there are so few but if you’re interested in them, send me a note on the form below. They are $16 for the small and $21 for the large.

And below, is a photo of the amazing beadwork that goes into the bracelets. They move like liquid. Incredibly gorgeous. These are the last two Huichol bracelets I have at the moment and they are available right here.

Beaded Huichol Bracelets, Zinnia Folk Arts