Paper Mache Judas Figures

Devil figures from Mexico

Devil figures from Mexico

Paper Mache devil figures from Mexico

During Semana Santa or Holy Week, the paper mache artists of Mexico make giant (9-12 feet tall!) paper mache Judas figures that look like these miniature versions. Or they can look like the town villain, the town bad guy or even mayors or shop owners who are not respected by the gente. On the night before Easter Sunday, they are loaded with fireworks, hung above the street and then ExPLoDed with everyone in the neighborhood/town/pueblo/vicinity watching. It’s their way of getting rid of the Judas figures in life…

Many people think they are devils because they have horns but, technically, they are called Judas figures. The horns just add an extra level of naughtiness to them. These smaller versions (anywhere from 24-28″ tall) are also made of paper mache, come from Mexico City and inspire lots of questions and big smiles.  How do you like the green guy’s lucha libre boots?

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