Delicious and Super Easy to Make Tostadas

Chicken and bean tostada

Another One of the Handmade Traditional Arts from Mexico

I’m back from a great trip to Mexico! And I’m still thinking about this delicious tostada that is so simple to make, even if you’re not Mexican.

Take a corn tortilla (either already baked or fry it to make it harder) and then spread some refried beans on top of the tortilla. (I buy already made frijoles at the Cinco de Mayo Market on 38th and Nicollet but you could make your own or ugh, use the canned ones). Then spread some roast chicken on top, (again, I take the easy route with a roasted chicken from the grocery store but you could cook your own), then some shredded lettuce, chopped tomatoes, sliced avocado, queso fresco or crumbly farmer’s cheese and then some smooth crema from the Mexican market or thinned out sour cream (like creme fraiche) on the top. Dig in. It is so GOOD and so easy and so very Mexican.


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