Getting Ready for Valentine’s Day with Mexican Milagros

Metal milagros on wooden hearts

These lovely wooden hearts are covered in small metal charms known as milagros. Milagro means “miracle” and these tiny religious charms  depict legs, arms, hearts, breasts, ears, animals, people praying (just about anything really!) and are generally used to thank or request religious help for a specific problem. When they are not being used by an artisan, they are pinned on the clothing of a saint in Mexican churches or are attached to ribbons to be hung on a church or home altar. The milagros can be made of brass, pewter, pot metal, tin, and even silver. They are especially prevalent in Mexico and Peru but are also seen in Europe and can be known as “ex-votos.”

They can be found right here.


One Comment on “Getting Ready for Valentine’s Day with Mexican Milagros”

  1. What a perfect Valentine gift. I cannot think of a treat I would rather receive. I have collected milagros for over twenty years and these are some of the nicest pieces I have seen in all of my travels. ADORE.