Ocumicho Fantasy Ceramics

There is a very small, remote, dirt-streets town located in the western edge of Michoacan, named Ocumicho. In this little town are the most amazing folk artisans. Their style is recognizable anywhere. Their view of the world is filled with impish devils, fish-eyed persons, comical animals and weirdly shaped whistles and clay figures of all types.  The range of objects goes from individual bird shaped whistles to gigantic clay scenes of the Last Supper with mermaids, a hospital operating room, children playing on playgrounds or just about any possible configuration. As is true of many folk arts in Mexico, almost the entire town participates in making figures and vignettes of low fired clay.

The above image is from Teyacapan’s photostream on Flickr.

Some artisans have branched out into wood carved masks.

Whistle musicians…

If you are anywhere near Zamora, Michoacan, on your next trip to Mexico, it’s definitely worth the trip!