More Mexican Jewelry Gift Ideas

Christmas is right around the corner so, for you jewelry aficionados, here are a few ideas at different prices.

From left to right starting in the top row:

1. Silver Filagree, $75
2. Silver Open Heart with Dangles, $74.50
3. Silver Earrings with Dragons, $75
4. Alpaca Hand Earrings, $18
5. Lucha Libre Mask Necklace, $18
6. Stunning Silver with Pearl Earrings $95
7.  Silver Hummingbird with Red Bead  $70
8. Alpaca Sacred Hearts Earrings,  $18
9. Alpaca Bracelet, Small, $32

If you’re looking for something in particular, be sure to send us a note and we’ll check to see if we have it!


One Comment on “More Mexican Jewelry Gift Ideas”

  1. I received the following email this morning about these earrings!

    ” love the Stunning Silver with Pearl Earrings. Seriously, these are even more beautiful in person. I know hard to believe but, true.

    If you are going to buy a piece of jewelry make it easy on yourself and buy one of these.

    Timeless and beautiful = art, handmade.