Gorgeous Red and White Mexican Textiles from Chiapas

Chiapas is a Mexican state east of Oaxaca, south of the Yucatan peninsula and bordering Guatemala. The folk artisans of Chiapas are primarily textile artists and they are some of the most talented weavers and embroiderers in Mexico and perhaps, the world. These  Mayan women continue the back strap weaving traditions of their grandparents and great grandparents, creating gorgeous colorful tapestries, huipiles, skirts and all things textile using ancient Mayan symbols and techniques.

Probably the most well-known textiles of Chiapas come from San Andres but these lovely tablecloths and pillows are from a lesser known town, Pantelho. They are elegant and simple in their red and whiteness and incorporate the embroidered Mayan sun into a handwoven cream-colored cotton background.

So beautiful. I love red and white.

Tablecloth available here, pillows available here.