Paper Mache Masterpieces from Mexico

I used to think of Mexican paper mache as pinatas or those really ugly brownish souvenir figures that people buy in the resorts as a memento of their trip to a Mexican beach. But, some Mexican paper mache artisans absolutely ROCK paper mache.

Some of you may be familiar with Pedro Linares and his family. Pedro is credited with the creation of paper mache “alebrijes” or fantastical creatures. Pedro is now deceased but the family continues to make alebrijes and calaveras (skeletons)  of very high quality and creativity.  They are represented  in museums of Mexico, Europe and the US for their amazing work. Their pieces are expensive because of their quality, uniqueness and name.

There are many other paper mache artists in Mexico including the family whose work I’ve featured above. The last two photos were taken at the Museo of Art Popular (Folk Art Museum) in Mexico City and give you an idea of the fine work and the imagination as they recreate the scene of Father Hidalgo calling for revolution and the skeletons wearing the masks of the European conquerers. Everything in these photos is made of paper mache.

I was lucky enough to meet the charming familia and purchased the calaveras (and others) shown in the first three photos. They are all for sale right now at GUILD or in the online shop!


2 Comments on “Paper Mache Masterpieces from Mexico”

  1. I agree about Mexican artists and paper mache. Many are simply masters. Love the photos of these. Thank you for sharing.