Zinnia Folk Arts Day of the Dead at GUILD

Some of you might be wondering why Zinnia is located at GUILD Collective. If you’ve been a follower for awhile you will remember that Zinnia Folk Arts was located as an occasional pop-up shop at 46th and Bryant in Minneapolis in the lovely space belonging to Sandra Mangel’s Interior Design Studio. Sandra was kind enough to rent the space to me for two years, four times per year for me to do my “pop-up” sales. So she would empty her space four times per year and I would move all of my folk art in and out four times per year. At the end of last year, she decided that she wanted to use her space for other purposes. So, since January, I’ve been looking for a perfect location (hard to match Sandy’s gorgeous sunlit space) when suddenly one of the many super nice & super talented women at GUILD Collective asked me to participate as a vendor in their space. GUILD is a collective, meaning that there are nine women vendors who have different styles and merchandise (some old, some new) who work cooperatively to curate and run a store. We have French imports, antique or repurposed furniture, vintage clothing, handmade jewelry and handbags, beautiful old Mexican and Native American jewelry and lots of interesting objects.

So that’s why we are having our 4th Annual Day of the Dead Pop-Up at GUILD!

Zinnia Folk Arts will be located at GUILD for the next few months and I’m still looking for a permanent space to call my own. If you have suggestions, please reply, below!