What is Day of the Dead?

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Hoooray Day of the Dead is Coming!

Hey everyone! Our first blog post is about one of the most important holidays in Mexico, Day of the Dead aka “Muertos.” Books have been written about the history, meaning, practices and beliefs but in a super small nutshell, here’s a description…

Day of the Dead is kind of like a combination of Thanksgiving (traditional foods, family gatherings, iconic colors, traditional flowers & smells) and Memorial Day (going to the cemetery, cleaning and decorating the grave site, remembering the dead) and is really NOTHING like Halloween.  They both share the timing of All Saints Day and they both feature skeletons, but really, they are not even close in terms of a holiday. Americans may get a little confused because there are so many skeletons or skulls around during “Muertos” but these skeletons are happy and doing things that they used to do in life–playing instruments, singing, teaching classes, riding bikes–anything that they would do in life, they do in death. And always with a smile on their face. They like to look on the sunny side. It’s a very nice holiday.

Maybe everyone knows that in Mexico, Days of the Dead are November 1 and 2, but at Zinnia we are getting a head start on the season by having our 4th Annual Day of the Dead Pop-Up Sale from October 11-15 & 18-22. It will be at GUILD, 4414 Excelsior Blvd in St. Louis Park, MN.  Our hours on Tuesday-Friday are 11-6 and on Saturdays, 10-5. Stay tuned for details…more info and photos are coming soon.

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